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You can have more information, asking the inventor:

Dr. Giorgio Vigaṇ

Via Paraguay, 12 - 00198 Roma (Italy)  -  Tel/Fax: 0039 06 8419080

Mobile telephone: 0039 339 4586778  -  e-mail:


The inventor is interested to develop the mass production of the UOVO, in any part of the world that is most suitable.

He is therefore open to any agreement with Partners who:

  • see the potential of the undertaking,

  • have a mentality open to new schemes,

  • are used to act at short terms.


Besides the Technical characteristics and other information that are hereby reported further on, the  Inventor enphasizes that:


The Vehicle is very  simple and can be manufactured mainly with components available in developing Countries.

b) The body shell, in 2 pieces, is tight to the chassis by  3  bolts only, on flexible supports; this provides: low costs, contained vibrations and easy transportation.  
c) The production process does not need automation.

 The above means:

  • lower investments,

  • faster returns,

  • quick changes in production, if needed,

  • possibility to employ unskilled manpower in Countries where the labour cost is low.

  • low global costs and higher margins.

  • a huge potential in all reach Countries, where there are trafic, parking, pollution, safety and functionality problems.


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